How to Easily Beat Commander Niall in Elden Ring - Boss Fight Guide

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How to Easily Beat Commander Niall in Elden Ring - Boss Fight Guide

Elden Ring is an RPG adventuring game that was first released in 2022 to stellar reviews from critics and fans alike. In the game, you'll be able to explore the field of Elden Ring and it is six primary zones, clearing dungeons and collecting valuable loot on the way. Work to change your skills and expand your arsenal of magical powers while you take on the different bosses and monsters that inhabit this fantasy realm.

The animation type of Elden Ring is just astounding, and it is fluid combat system leaves little to become desired, especially with various attacks that are offered to players that offer lots of variety. In this guide, we'll cover how to get down Commander Niall in Elden Ring, a difficult boss who most are having trouble with.

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How Do You Defeat Commander Niall in Elden Ring?

Defeating Commander Niall in Elden Ring isn't an easy task, especially because the boss doesn't fight alone. He will spawn 2 knights immediately who will make an effort to take you out too, one having a shield and another who's dual-wielding swords. This second knight could get some quite strong hits from you, and thus he ought to be your first target within the fight to remove. This is because Commander Niall doesn't have strong attacks until his second phase, and they will only begin if each of the knights he spawns at the start dies.

Use Your Summons to Fight Back

Therefore, make use of your summons (if you could get them) to distract the knight using the shield and sword, since he isn't a threat. Quickly defeat the knight that’s dual wielding, after which continue to DPS Commander Niall together with your double swords in battle. He will 't be as threatening in the first phase as we now have already mentioned since he only really uses halberd attacks and buffs his knights within this phase. If you modify your invocation enough, it ought to be able to keep the knight using the shield occupied just of sufficient length for you to defeat Commander Niall, where the surviving knight will even disappear.

Take around the Commander’s First Phase

Niall’s first phase attacks are a 1-3 swipe sweep attack, a frost swirl attack, a thrusting swipe along with a powerful charged version from the frost swirl attack. Usually, he uses this whirlwind swirl attack when he takes damage to your stuff, so ensure that you’re ready to dodge away after hitting him if required. Commander Niall stops chasing you to encourage his soldiers in the battle against you, meaning you will find openings to consider advantage of if you want to heal up. Also, since Commander Niall includes a prosthetic leg he's slow in the first phase and for that reason is not a threat when it comes to movement speed. It is mainly his damaging whirlwind attack that you’ll have to watch out for at this time.

How to Deal With Niall’s Second Phase

However, when he reaches his second phase (if his last knight is killed) he'll become a lot harder to defeat. He charges up his prosthetic leg by imbuing it with lightning, and may now move a great deal faster than before. You will have to adjust your timing since Commander Niall will suddenly be a speedy enemy and may jump up high before using his leg a physically attack you. Make sure to dodge his dash too, so that they end off within the second phase having a spinning kick at its conclusion. Again, make sure to remain cautious about his frost swirls, since he'll still be keen on using that move in the second phase. Good luck with this boss fight, and remain safe available adventurer!