Course Skill Points Can Be Redone

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Heard they become ARKS Rappies, however, no ARKS fever and rappy eggs because the rewards are fixed from Meseta pso2 a particular pool.

Guess I will spam SHAQ as always feelsbadman.

I can confirm that they do and also that it doesn't matter because the drops are from a fixed pool, not just the enemies.

Seasonal quest trigger rappies stay seasonal to that season. So not Positive if they will turn ARKS, but at least they won't become summer rappies if you are utilizing a spring seasonal trigger

PSO2 EP6 Music: Thanks - EP6 Credits. Not sure why I feel this way about this tune

I stumble upon this tune rather than hoping to be over dramatic, I hear this tune and I don't know why, but I get tears in my eyes for some reason.

I can't wait until I see that the end for ep6 when it comes here.

I get a bit teary too frankly. It is not just sad tears or anything. But only thinking back at the 8 years of I had been playing this game is really overwhelming for me thinking back on all the great times I've had in-game with individuals or just by myself. And just the fact that I "grew up" with this game gives it far more sentimental value to me more than I'd care to admit.

So considering it being in a sense over kinda leaves me with an empty type of feeling.

Yeah I got goosebumps and a very similar nostalgic feeling. I get the same listening to the incident 3 ending, because that was the height of the games popularity in Japan and when my best friends still consistently played. I overlook spamming akarin with Buy PSO2 Meseta them and annoying mpas quite a bit.

Three different personalities in multiple different costumes! More in comments.