Executing Security Enhancements in Medicine Organization

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In this assessment, you will identify an interdisciplinary issue that has occurred in your nursing or health care organization and create a plan for a team to work nurs-fpx 4010 assessment 3 toward improving the issue.

In this assessment, you will identify an interdisciplinary issue that has occurred in your nursing or health care organization and create a plan for a team to work nurs-fpx 4010 assessment 3 toward improving the issue. For this assessment you will interview a health care professional, such as a classmate, nursing colleague, administrator, business partner, or another appropriate person who could provide you with sufficient information regarding an organizational problem that they are experiencing or have experienced, or an area where they are seeking improvements.

Identifying an Interdisciplinary Issue

When nurses are working in interdisciplinary teams, they may be faced with different problems and concerns. These include: Nurses must be able to work together to improve patient outcomes (Tappen, 2016). One way to achieve this is to establish trusting communication and bring down intangible walls. Another way is to build team-based goals for nursing staff. Ultimately, these goals can help nurses to understand their roles and nurs fpx 4020 assessment 4 their accountability within the team. Additionally, these goals can help them to better understand each other’s needs and goals (Verwijs et al., 2020). The next step is to identify an interdisciplinary issue that you want to focus on. You can do this by interviewing a health care professional, or by examining the literature on leadership and change theories and strategies that could help a team to collaborate effectively.

Developing a Plan Proposal

As you begin to develop your plan proposal, it is important to make sure that you are using a format that is easy for others to understand. A well-designed plan proposal will contain a clear introduction, objectives and a detailed outline of the proposed actions needed to achieve your objectives. A good plan proposal will also have rough estimates of monetary resources that need to be allocated in order for your plan to be successful. This can include human resources, equipment or supplies that are required for the plan to be carried out successfully. Once you have determined msn fpx 6021 the resources that are required to make your plan a success, it is time to look at the ways in which you can utilize these resources to promote organizational health. This will include strategies for managing human and financial resources that can help ensure that the interdisciplinary team has the necessary tools to drive the desired outcomes of your plan proposal.

Developing a Presentation

Developing an effective presentation on a complex topic can be challenging. As a nurse, you may find yourself presenting to colleagues, leadership, or other stakeholders on a regular basis. Having a clear, concise, and engaging presentation can make or break your credibility as a thought leader in your organization. The nurs fpx 4050 assessment 3 asks you to do just that. It entails learning to identify an inter-professional issue, devise an innovative plan solution, and create a presentation that your interviewee could use in his or her own organization. To help you succeed, here are some resources to get you started. For the best results, be sure to cite a few professional and scholarly sources in your presentation and make sure your APA reference page is appropriately formatted. The aforementioned articles will give you the information you need to develop an impressive PowerPoint presentation that will wrangle buy-in from your stakeholders. The aforementioned articles also provide the most useful tips and tricks for constructing a PowerPoint that is not only eye-catching, but a true showcase of your knowledge and expertise.

Developing a Report

As a nurse, you often work collaboratively with other health care professionals to improve patient outcomes and organizational goals. Inter-professional collaboration is an essential part of nursing practice (Sullivan et al., 2015). Developing an interdisciplinary plan for a specific problem or issue take my online class can help you lead the effort to achieve these goals. By engaging in this work, you can become a leader and advocate for patient safety and quality standards within the organization. This assessment requires you to develop a report that outlines a problem and suggests an interdisciplinary solution that could be implemented to improve the situation. Your report should be 2-4 pages in length and include a reference page at the end. This assessment also introduces you to the PDSA model for creating change in an organization. You will use this model to create an interdisciplinary plan for an organizational problem you identify in the second assessment. Your plan should be based on the leadership, change, and collaboration research you completed in the first assessment.