Job Description of Deployment Support

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They are the first point of contact for users who require support for their PCs, laptops, mobile devices, networking, telephony, applications, and printers, among others.

Deployment Support Engineers also resolve and address issues of all users within an organization, help the onboarding of new employees by setting up their PCs or other devices. They deploy hardware, software, and other equipment and undertake protective maintenance assignments on all equipment. They carry out tasks by complying with warranty requirements, while monitoring, operating, managing, resolving, and restoring to service any device that has the authority to access the network. Finally, by monitoring and evaluating tickets raised, issues and requests for support, they develop trends for network infrastructure.  

Engineers aid in developing and implementation of deployment plans, configurations, and specifications. They maintain deployment and build installation documentation. Engineers partner with the test and development teams to produce new features and services. They fix network hardware, network circuits, and software. Engineers maintain the network, which includes upgrading hardware and software.

Engineers monitor the installation and integration of hardware in the network, such as routers, switches servers, and cables, among others. They should respond to clients on issues with the deployment that they face, such as resolving and troubleshooting issues, by partnering with the support team. Engineers should effectively troubleshoot problems with the operating system (OS) and other common software issues, as well.  

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