What is the point of having transgender characters in World of Warcraft?

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These problems have not disappeared, but Blizzard does seem to be making sincere and sincere efforts in other areas to improve representation. Overall, video games do not try their best to include transgender characters. There are some exceptions. Celeste creator Maddy Thorson recently revealed that the protagonist of the game, Madeline, is transgender, as is Townsend himself. Although I like Celeste very much, it is an independent darling and will never be as sensational as Blizzard. A huge franchise like "World of Warcraft", including a transgender character, is very noteworthy.

However, this does raise an interesting question. Should the game specifically include cross-characters for representing characters? Personally, as a new transgender woman, my hope for the World of Warcraft Classic Gold future is that one day transgender will not become very good at all. We will become a fairly ordinary and boring part of daily life, rather than being seen as novel or news headlines. But it is undeniable that everyone from legislators to famous fantasy writers now wants to deny our human rights, legislate to deprive us of our existence, or simply refuse to recognize that we are who we are. Compared with ordinary people, transgender women of color are especially faced with shockingly high rates of violence. I have very good friends who were completely cut off by their families or did not even come out safely during the Classic WOW Gold pandemic when their living conditions were endangered. We are not there yet. We are not even close.

Does having transgender roles in World of Warcraft help us? Maybe not, at least in the short term. But I am very happy that Pelagos exists, especially because his frankness is a side detail that you must dig into. Players who may not know extroverts in real life may come into contact with Pelagos in their favorite games, which may help to begin to normalize who we are in our eyes, partly because his transsexuality does not help him Defined as a person and not considered as a transaction. I just definitely saw a character sharing my most painful experience in the game I care about most; traditionally, this game was mainly made for the sensitivity of straightforward, cis-style guys.

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