How to Drive the Road to Hana?

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Instructions for Travelling One of the World's Most Beautiful Drives, "The Road to Hana"

Hawaii's coastline Road to Hana is one of the most beautiful drives in the United States. Kahului and Hana are separated by 64 miles on Maui. It's just a three-hour drive from A to B if you don't stop, but you should definitely take your time and enjoy the scenery along the route. The Road to Hana winds through lush woods, through waterfalls and lava tubes, past brightly coloured tropical flowers and into gorgeous beaches with spectacular surf. Some of the best handmade banana bread you've ever had can be found there, too.

It may take you as long as nine hours to complete the out-and-back trip if, like most visitors, you stop at many of the many roadside sights along the route. We don't suggest attempting to see everything (it would take days), but you could spend a night or two in Hana to unwind and enjoy the local cuisine before heading back towards Kahului.

Remember that this route is extremely dordle small and twisting, with over 600 turns and dozens of one-lane bridges, all of which are very important considerations in everyday life. If the thought of driving yourself scares you, consider taking a van tour instead.

Everything you need to know about the dramatic, magnificent Drive to Hana is right here to help you plan your trip.