OSRS was Once Making Players Billionaires by Mistake

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Immortal in the dusty archives of OSRS history on July 12, 2018. Like everything else, the day that started suddenly became a day of shock and surprise. On that day, another update of the thief skills was released. Everything went as usual, Jagex released a changelog, and players are doing their activities.

After the update was released, no one noticed any difference for a period of time. Many people did not notice anything. But found it on the Cheap RS3 Gold page or was told by a friend later. Everything happened, and suddenly, many players wondered why they couldn't log in to the game. PvPers was the first to be hooked. When a popular streamer Purpp was broadcasting his PKing adventure, he suddenly looted the victim's body and obtained an amazing 2147M gold!

Players quickly caught on and realized it was a bug. Everyone acted in line with their conscience: some players went straight away to Jagex to report the situation, and some continued a seek out more gold, among others used this opportunity to obtain themselves virtually free bonds.

As we mentioned earlier, the bug was introduced by introducing an update, which included changes to the thief. The intention is that when looting an NPC, players will get coin bags instead of actual coins, and they must open them to get coins. It worked well during the test, so it was the main reason the error was missed. Only these pouches were tested, but due to a bug in the code, this new mechanism was triggered by other factors.

Of course, all people who abuse bugs will eventually be banned, and this situation is no exception. You can find RS3 Gold For Sale on the following website, so the better way to become an OSRS billionaire is usually to buy gold directly, rather than abuse bugs.

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