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Many skills have also been upgraded to RuneScape gold make them more attractive. Smithing, once completely useless was incorporated into a variety of products such as Dragonfire Shields or Godswords. The workshop also helped reduce the skyrocketing training costs. The most prominent example is Herblore. It is almost as essential for endgame content like Summoning and Prayer. But, firemaking is totally ineffective.

These changes are fuelled by the data that Jagex gathered from the Grand Exchange. This is one of the most significant advances in the game's history. Jagex is able to use GE data to react to market changes and design updates to combat economic woes.

This article is for anyone who wants to earn money through f2p. I have made 2mil in less than 4 hours. First, visit the Grand Exchange to purchase fire runes for 2gp each. After you have purchased the amount you want, go to Aubury’s Rune Shop in south eastern Varrok (fire symbol on map). Exchange him for money, and then sell all of his fire runes. Here's the math

Fire rune costs: 2gp. Aubury can buy fire runes for: 5gp each. Profit:3gp per. Selling per hour: A little over 2k per minute. Total profit per hour is 140k, higher if you're fast.

I hope this method will work for you. Be aware that Grand Exchange prices change frequently, so this method won't be effective if you have an fire rune cost of 4gp or less to make profits. It isn't advised to apply this method if you have an expense for buy 2007 runescape gold fire runs that is greater than 3gp.