Genshin Impact: Mourning Flower Locations

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Mourning Flowers are available around the Gavireh Lajavard and Realm of Farakhkert in Genshin Impact

Mourning Flowers are available around the Gavireh Lajavard and Realm of Farakhkert in Genshin Impact.

Mourning Flower in Genshin Impact is sort of similar to Dendrobium. Both flowers have been demonstrated to flourish amidst a battlefield where blood was spilled throughout the war. However, unlike the Inazuman counterpart, the flower of Sumeru is much more tragic. While Dendrobium blooms proudly, Mourning Flowers are instead believed to symbolize injustice and sadness.

Mourning Flower Location In Genshin Impact

There are 78 Mourning Flower locations in Genshin Impact, which may be divided into four farming routes. The ones marked having a clover take prescription the surface, as the Hilichurl Mask symbolizes Mourning Flower underground. If you're looking for direction on which class will serve you best and in which way purchasing Genshin Impact accounts can help you to enhance your gaming experience.

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Just like every other local specialty, Mourning Flower in Genshin Impact respawns after two days.

For a simpler farming journey, players may use the assistance of Tighnari and Nahida. Tighnari shows Sumeru's local specialty in the spotlight, while Nahida allows mass plant farming from a distance.

Mourning Flower Location - Temir Mountain Farming Route

The first Mourning Flower farming route is straightforward. Simply go to the Teleport Waypoint south of Temir Mountain, then travel north.

Mourning Flower Location - Asipattravana Swamp Farming Route

For the Asipattravana Swamp farming route, first, make use of the southern Teleport Waypoint, then journey east on the top level. Afterward, return to the Teleport Waypoint and go to the cave entrance around the northwest. Walk inside to locate two Mourning Flowers, then go towards the place where players will find Julien’s missing sketch in Genshin Impact for 2 more.

Mourning Flower Location - Samudra Coast Farming Route

For the Samudra Coast route, make use of the underground Teleport Waypoint west of the Asipattravana Swamp. From here, there are two roads to consider; with the door pre and post-the-stairs.

For the doorway before the stairs, players will trace the place where they found the Khvarena necessary to return to the Control Center in Genshin Impact.

Meanwhile, for the doorway after the stairs, carry on down until players get to the proving ground. Once there, glide down to locate some Mourning Flowers. If you want to learn more about Genshin Impact, is here and it offers cheap genshin impact accounts.