Blizzard delayed live broadcast event to let players understand the status of the upcoming "Shadowlands"

Blizzard delayed live broadcast event to let players understand the status of the upcoming "Shadowlands" of "World of Warcraft"


The United States has experienced COVID-19 in the last six months. Last month, George Floyd was murdered, and there was a huge social unrest in the United States. Because of this series of events, many industries have been affected to varying degrees. Blizzard Entertainment, the developer of World of Warcraft, first decided to postpone the developer's scheduled live broadcast event, mainly to let gamers understand the status of the upcoming "Land of Shadows" in "World of Warcraft". However, the developers told fans that they are likely to capture the update stream of the new plan on July 8 after about a week after the WOW Classic Gold original plan.

The official WoW Twitter account said today that fans can catch the WoW dev team’s top execs, executive producer John Hight and game director Ion Hazzikostas, on both Twitch and YouTube starting at 11am CT on July 8 for updates about Shadowlands.Although many people are panicking because of the WOW Classic Gold For Sale epidemic, it may be better to play a game to relieve anxiety. The MMOWTS store is selling a lot of safe WOW Classic Gold, which seems to be of great help to you. You can use gold to buy a lot of equipment and trade with other players. WOW Classic Gold can also help you improve your skills.

After the COVID-19 pandemic forced employees across the country to figure from home, including those at Blizzard, there was concern that titles and gaming platforms set to release this year wouldn’t be available after they were originally intended to. But since the start of the pandemic, Blizzard and Hazzikostas have held firm that they shall get Shadowlands to WoW players before the tip of 2020.

In addition to starting alpha testing for the sport within the middle of the U.S. state of emergency that’s forced numerous social distancing guidelines, Hazzikostas has personally done QAs on various Twitch streams to provide updates. Every step of the way, Hazzikostas has held firm that the corporate continues to be on course to release Shadowlands by the tip of the year.

While there’s no indication exactly what Hight and Hazzikostas will speak about in their update, the Shadowlands tryout has been live since April 9. Assuming that the developer plans to push the sport live before 2021, there’s an inexpensive chance that the 2 execs might need some information prepared for fans regarding expanded beta testing—or even what month the sport are released.

Estavillo made a complaint about this. In the report, he mentioned the permanent ban on all streamers, as well as the distribution of $25 million in punitive damages to him and all other Twitch Prime Turbo users. The remaining money will be used for COVID-19 and a charity that is essential for black life.