Blizzard left Blizzard to precisely the exact same reason

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People recall that Blizzard, the one with good customer wow gold service and a genuine customer-first attitude. That's who they defend, and to be truthful, Blizzard earned this defense. Activision currently possesses Blizzard through and through, though. And all these customer service acts have Activision stamped around them. They have been Activision's MO for Ages. So that's why people are quick to attribute Activision rather than Blizzard. It'd be just like blaming the people originally behind Craftsman or Pyrex for its drop in quality, when in fact, it was the men and women who purchased the brands and are currently ruining their title by accepting a short-term cash in on the originally widely-known high excellent nature of them while cutting prices and ruining the quality of the items newly-made under the brand name.

I'm quite glad I never got to any Blizzard games growing up, this way I do not have to have my thoughts tarnished by how they have gone downhill. You don't have any clue how really irritating it is. I've some amazing memories in World of Warcraft, and that I spent the majority of my school spare time in Stacraft and Warcraft 3. I still play Diablo 3 from time to time, since I enjoy the seasonal resets along with the fun of trying out a personality at the start of every single one.

So between all Legion and these memories, I keep hoping that some thing they set out will be interesting to play. The Legion growth in particular felt so good, in the writing to the experiences, that it's like you could feel that the Blizzard inside.

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The majority of the first Blizzard left Blizzard to precisely the exact same reason everyone leaves match companies: burnout. Activision purchased Blizzard in 2008 so by 2013-18 all those Blizzard higher-ups that were there since the 90s were rolling in cash and didn't need to put up with all the grind. They bailed. Separating"Activision" out of"Blizzard" after 12 years of ownership does not make any sense. They're the exact same firm with the same executives. They've dealt with the identical turnover that any game company copes with, so their civilization has changed.

That is why people blame Activision, that they create that distinction. It's separating the Blizzard they knew and loved from the Blizzard that has gone to shit. The Blizzard in their own memory deserves respect. Once upon a time, they had been also a force for greatness in the united states game development scene. Even if it does not make sense it's still a legacy.